I paint to build an imagined memory library of gestures and movements. I reference split second sparks and lifetimes of ruminations. I want my scrawlings and scratchings to coax a little glimmer of a smile, a hope in the mundane, a joy for neon, a moment of pause to pick out individual cricket's songs.

I believe in art that makes you happy. Not happy in a forced or saccharine way, but the sort of happy that reaches-your-soul-makes-you-love-waking-up-in-the-morning. Because I believe that everybody yearns for art, needs art, sleeps better if they breathe art, I offer my art in a variety of forms— cheap to not-so-cheap. I want you to fall in love with it and live with it.

Making art is my peace. When I'm in that creative state I'm communicating in energy and color and I'm translating some delicious experience of the world: an eye-buzz of color, a heart-chakra-resonation of pattern and form. Sometimes painting feels like singing really loud from my gut. Sometimes it's just contented oneness.

My art probably conveys layers of meaning, but generally I leave that up to you to decipher (you know, like a good story that gives you sufficient clues to assemble the gist, but not so many as to insult your intelligence). 

To me the point of art is that it communicates without words. It must be right and good to find a sense of peace in the process of making it. I hope some of that peace and energy and spontaneity and irreverence and downright joy translates. I hope you find my art satisfying like the crumb of a nutty wood-fired-sourdough bread, fun like dancing, exhilarating like riding bikes in the dark, transcendent like floating through knee-deep snow.

I hope my art helps to shake out the dust in your bodymindsoul like a good beer, a long hard laugh and a hearty hug with a friend that looks into your eyes and sees you back.

Recent Design Clients

Alchemist Brewery, Broad Ambition, Burlington Farmers Market, Cork Wine Bar, Stowe Mountain Resort, Siptemberfest, Park in the Street, Friends of Green River Reservoir, Vermont Brewers Association, Way Out Wax.

Shops & Galleries

Art on Main, Bristol; Anjou and the Little Pear, Burlington.

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